Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Agents of Atlas Canceled

"They CANCELED Atlas?!"
- Gorilla Man

I really must not have been paying attention, because I looked at Marvel's November solicitations - and suddenly realized that Atlas wasn't listed. What? One of my favorite Marvel books is taking a month off? That's what I thought - but the worst is actually true, it's been canceled. Apparently Jeff Parker decided to end the series himself instead of Marvel pulling the plug. Low sales were the main factor. I really don't know what to say to that, expect to swear and dwell on yet another disappointment in life. The series was simply soooo good. I got into it late, but I quickly became a big fan of Atlas, even getting the Gorilla Man mini-series.

Here's a link to an interview Jeff Parker (and Gorilla Man) gave: Jeff Parker and Gorilla Man Interview

I really wish Parker had given the series more of a chance. Marvel seemed to be chipping in and promoting the series - lining it up as one of the Heroic Age titles. They even put out a reprint of the first issue for $1. Five issues isn't enough time for people to realize what's there and jump on. They might have even been waiting for the end of the first arch, and then jump onboard for the second arch.

Then again, people where given plenty of opportunity to jump onto the series. They had cross-overs with the X-Men, the Avengers -- the Classic Avengers. There was plenty of opportunity for people to catch on. I guess just not enough people did.

I said before that my natural inclination is to dwell on the negative. I want to dwell on the negative -- but I'm more thinking "at least it was a fun ride". There are TPBs of the series still available. I haven't gotten them yet. Maybe it can stand as another stellar finite piece of comic work. Still, natural inclination...

Here's a link to my last post about Agents of Atlas, when I was excited about getting onboard the series. I have some great art in the post, which you can see what a visual treat the series was.

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