Thursday, August 5, 2010

Okamiden Music Video

Okami, released on the PS2 and later re-released on the Wii, is a wonderfully fantastic, inspired, and imaginative world based on Japanese Mythology and Artistry. I came very late to this game, getting it on the Wii only this year. I have still yet to finish it - but it's so far been a shining example of video games being considered an art form.

Okamiden is a pint-sized sequel, shrinking the game, and the main hero (now a puppy), onto the Nintendo DS. It looks very good. I'm not sure I'll be getting it - at least not right away. (I have to finish the original game first) I'm also hesitant because of how Legend of Zelda failed, for me at least, when trying to put it on the Nintendo DS. I can just see this game over using the stylus, since painting brush strokes is a big part of the game - and that just frightens me off. Maybe it will be nothing like that. We'll see. Regardless, though, it's a beautiful looking game - and a music video has been put out with some lovely music. Here is is:

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