Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's NOT Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I had a tremendously hard time getting to see the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas Special, seeing as it wasn't being offered by Netflix (still isn't). Luckily their competitor Blockbuster was. I only managed to skate by not having to pay another rental-service fee because of their free trail period.

The Christmas Special was just simply spectacular. It had everything you'd want from a horribly dysfunctional Christmas special. It was simply a master piece. But they didn't want to show it on air - so they could make a quick buck. Honestly, if this makes the show more profitable and allows them to continue to be on the air longer - that's fine. But having the DVD unavailable on Netflix (this kind of special release being one of the main reason I even HAVE netflix) - it just irritated me to no end.

Still, I did get to see the Special - and I was especially keen on owning it. So I decided to wait until the Season 5 DVD came out - which, logically, should have the Christmas Special, right??

WRONG! They did not include the Christmas Special, and I am sorely disappointed. I decided just not the buy the season at all. It was a good season - maybe I'll come back to it later when I have more money -- but not having the Christmas Special made this a pass for me. And, seriously - why exclude the Special? The company isn't getting more money from the Christmas DVD anymore - those copies already went out. Now they should logically be cashing in a second time - buy charging an extra $5 on the Season 5 Box Set to include the special. It would have made the DVD a quick sell for me. Instead - I'll look it up later. (Or, you know, loose interest as Season 6 airs and time passes on.)

I just don't get these companies. They have a perfectly prime opportunity to make money - AND please fans, and instead they ignore it. You might reply by saying they did this to make you want to buy the solo Christmas DVD in the first place, instead of being cheap and renting it like I did. But that only makes sense if they plan on having another "Only On DVD Special". As it stands, I hope that's not the case. (I'm not made out of money, and neither is everyone else)

Well, anyway, I did my rant. I doubt my little blog makes much of an impression - but I do wish I could see a few more people upset about this like I am. I looked at a lot of reviews for the season 5 dvd, and couldn't find a single one at least lamenting the exclusion of the Holiday Special.

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