Thursday, September 9, 2010

Uncanny X-Force

Sometimes I'm very late to get into things. I had been turned off by Matt Fraction's run on Uncanny X-Men, and as a result I ended up ignoring the majority of X-Books in total. I tried getting back into the X-Men during Nation X, right after their cross-over with Dark Avengers, but it failed to keep me very long. Though, while I was trying to get into the X-Men again, I decided to give X-Force a go. I was just shocked by the quality and boldness of the title. What I once considered an excuse for Wolverine to have another title to star in - turned out to be the best X-Title out there. So I jumped onboard and was floored by both the art and storytelling. Then it quickly ended, with the writers announcing they where leaving, and this great new title for me was suddenly gone. A new reboot for X-Force was quickly announced - but I dismissed it almost immediately. Uncanny X-Men wasn't working for me, and I needed to drop some titles from by pull list at the time - so this new X-Force wasn't going to have a chance with me.

Then, curious thing happened, there was a week last month where only two issues, for me, where coming out. The newly rebooted Wolverine was out that week, so I decided to give it a try. Despite his over-use, Wolverine is still a great character - and I was very pleased with the depth of storytelling the issue was entailing. I've actually been able to add some books to my list - so Wolverine got added. Then I kept thinking and seeing more about this new "Uncanny X-Force". They say the focus of the title is going to be a mission to finally kill Apocalypse. I absolutely love Apocalypse as a villain - and with Cable's recent death, it seemed like a prime opportunity for someone else to take up the cause of ridding the Marvel U of the worst and most powerful mutant. The writer, Rick Remender, is unknown to me, so he's a bit of a gamble - but I've been liking his choice of characters on the team, especially a Grant Morrison-Era favorite: Fantomex. And, you know, honestly - I also decided to try Uncanny X-Force because I missed out being on the ground floor of the last X-Force title. So I'd like to be here for the ground floor of this new X-Force series.

Marvel has still failed to keep me on the X-Men band-wagon, but these ancillary titles, like X-Factor, Wolverine, and Uncanny X-Force are a good first step.

Here's an interview with Rick Remender: Uncanny X-Force Interview

I hope it's good. Marvel seems to be promoting it with an Uncanny X-Force day, and a motion trailer. Not the best Wolverine voice, but it does the job:

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