Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NES 25 Year Anniversary

The NES turns 25 years old recently. X-Play on G4TV has been doing some retrospectives of the that superb gaming machine changed the world of gaming forever. You can find some of their videos on the subject here: X-Play Remembers the NES. Here are also some of my memories about the system.

I remember older kids having the NES before me, and I only got small glimpses of Super Mario Brothers 2. It seemed so out of reach, though, as it was obviously a purchase my Mom and Dad would have to make. And, eventually, I got the NES. My Dad woke me up early in the morning, telling me that Santa had come and help him hook up the system. I totally believed him, and we had a great time investigating the new system.

Super Mario Brothers was, of course, the first game - along with Duck Hunt. I got Dragon Quest (then Dragon Warrior) and it was one of those rare games both my Dad and I both played. He got addicted to it, and I benefited from his early journey and maps he made to help me.

The games that I remember the most where Super Mario Brothers 3 and Mega Man 3. Those games where pinnacle of perfection back then. I recall hours spent drawing and tracing the artwork of Mario and Mega Man from instruction manuals and Nintendo Power. I was that engrossed in the mythology and gameplay of those two games.

I even remember the last game I ever played on the NES: Mega Man 6. I believe it was one of the two final games ever made for the system. So determined not to miss a single Mega Man game, I managed to bring my NES out of storage and revive it just long enough to finish MM6.

The NES had sooo many great childhood memories. Congratulations on reaching 25 years, you scrappy grey box!

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