Thursday, November 18, 2010

Japanese Hologram Singer

Japan has seemingly jumped into the future -- as people are going to concerts of a Computer Generated Singer/Hologram! Hatsune Miku, a blue haired anime girl is actually a computer generated singing program called Vocaloid. Her Avatar, though, was able to be projected onto a concert stage using an updated version of an old method, something called Pepper's Ghost Illusion. Even from a youtube video, it looks like a pretty darn good illusion. You can see concert goers on either side of the stage, with Miku moving in-between them - so it wasn't something just projected onto a screen.

Miku has apparently been rising in popularity in Japan with a cult following. The Vocaloid Technology isn't exactly catching on over here in the US, but maybe exposure like this might peek some company's interest.

It looks like a really fun experience for concert goers - and you can see the song on this video here. It's actually very good and catchy. Not bad for a piece of software.


  1. Wow, I've been listening to Miku since she was created back in 2007, and i believe this video is actually her 2nd or 3rd concert and she did have a tour on singapore and australia, also the album of this song sold 56,000 copies and 4 million download in just a week (if you read the video description it's pretty accurate) i also remember her tour on CA and NY last month where they aired that concert Blu-ray on cinema and the creator also announce that they gonna make a english bank upgrade on her making her sing english songs which most of her american fans including me are looking forward to GO MIKU

  2. Omg this is the first time i heard her sing its vantastic!!!!!!