Thursday, December 16, 2010

Republicans and the News Media Should be Ashamed for Failed 9/11 First Responders Bill

Anyone watch the Daily Show last night? Finale episode of the year - and they dedicated it to a more serious subject -- asking why Congress couldn't pass a much needed 9/11 First Responders Bill. It has no political attachments; payed for by fixing a tax loophole, it's a complete win-win for everyone. Jon had a round table discussion with actual First Responders, all who are suffering from debilitating and deadly diseases due to their exposure to toxic fumes in Ground Zero. This bill would give them benefits; benefits they desperately need. Only the Daily Show has actually been talking about it. This is shameful to every News network who hadn't talked about it (I count you, DON'TYOUDAREBUILDAMOSQUE-Foxnews!) It's just a shame to see a comedian, Jon Stewart, actually filling in for the abdicated roll real journalists have abandoned.

And it's even more shameful how the Republicans blocked this bill, until the Bush Era Tax Cuts become official. Your not winning back my vote anytime soon.

My Father still remains out of work during these horrid economic times; and I am grateful that his unemployment will likely continue because of the deal the Republicans and Obama reached regarding the Bush Era Taxes. But there is still no excuse for the Republicans to have held up this 9/11 First Responders Bill. I consider myself a Republican, but stuff like this... The Republicans are not getting my vote back anytime soon.

You can watch the entire episode here: Daily Show, December 16, 2010

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  1. If you're getting your "news" from The Daily Show, you have bigger problems to worry about. It is the Republicans that are dragging the administration back into line with the rest of the country. It was the Democrats who were playing politics by putting off the tax votes so long, not the other way around.