Thursday, February 10, 2011

FOX News Can't Even Correctly Report on Video Games

I've tried to forget about and avoid FOX News. I consider myself a Republican, but everything the Republican Party does has just been pushing me farther and farther away. And FOX News, which I use to watch and like - has devolved into such a disgustingly biased network, that is has all but solidified my distrust of the Republican Party and Agenda.

So I've tried to stop complaining about both FOX News and the Republican Party of late. I really have. My anger on subjects like the Delay of the 9/11 First Responders Bill just made me realize I needed to calm down.

Then after a month and half's time - I'm pulled back - mystified by another FOX News Manufactured Controversy. This article here, at Comics Alliance really covers the subject well: FOX News Declares 'Bulletstorm' Worst Game in the World Two Weeks Before It Comes Out

This kind of reporting just exemplifies my dislike for FOX News. Not so much because I think this kind of story is particularly harmful (it will probably help sales of the game, if anything) - but it's a story of such a small scale subject, of a easily researchable subject: video games - where a Gamestop Employee or a 15 year old could give better and more accurate analysis of the subject than a FOX News reporter can. They even took their criticism of this game a step further than the usual Grand Theft Auto-Bashing, and claimed video games lead to rape! (I'm not kidding, read it for you're self.)

The reason this concerns me even more is this brings me back to the last time FOX News manufactured a controversy over a video game: Mass Effect - their reporting of it being so manipulative and so offensively un-researched, that it was the story that officially ended my FOX News viewership. Because of a brief flash of nudity in the game Mass Effect (it was appropriately labeled M Rated game) - FOX News went on the air talking with an author Cooper Lawrence labeling Mass Effect as a damaging and harmful product, saying it reduced women and sex to pressing the right buttons. Cooper had never played or seen Mass Effect, or the clip in question - but FOX News felt she was qualified enough to criticize the game as a corrupting influence on today's youth. She later got in a heap of trouble for this, as fans targeted her book on with bad reviews. To her credit, after she actually saw the clip she apologized for her comments, saying she's seen episodes of "Lost" that where more sexually explicit. (FOX News never did apologize)

To put it succinctly, this is why I dislike FOX News. That a subject as easy as this (they could have bought the game, or even researched the clip online at the time) why the heck should I trust them when they criticize the President? Why should I trust their analysis of the new Health Care Laws, when they can't even report on a video game correctly? Heck, they have regularly been caught going on the air live with simple outright lies, as in the case of a School Banning Christmas Colors. This is apparently the highest rated 24 Hours News Network in the country, and they simply just keep getting is Wrong. Even more worrisome is their success has been influencing other networks, like MSNBC - who have become the Bizarro Fox News, heavily supporting the left. CNN, while concentrating on their touch screen technology and holograms, is at least bland enough to actually report the news without bias.

It just makes me sad and angry to see this kind of shoddy reporting, and I just feel it's indicative of the kind of reporting they do on other much more important subjects than just video games.

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  1. And what is in this game that they don't see or hear in most Hollywood films? I think they're making mountains out of molehills.

    But have to agree with them that some video games that have sexual themes can be a stimulant of sorts that will activate "horny mode". But then again, that's why the ESRB exists.