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Kamen Rider OOO Images and Info

Kamen Rider OOO

"I'll transform!!!" (俺が変身する!!!, Ore ga henshin suru!!!)

So far Kamen Rider OOO has done pretty well. It's definitely leaning more towards the silly and comedic elements, like Kamen Rider Den-O, but it's nonetheless catches you with a very dramatic and relatable theme: Greed.

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The happy-go-lucky Hino Eiji is Kamen Rider OOO, and battles monsters called Greeed, who are created from mankind's avarice.

Eiji is supported by a Greeed monster, Ankh, who awoke with so little of his powers remaining, he can only remain a disembodied hand. Possessing the body of a police officer who was near death, Ankh supports Eiji - but only because he believes it's in his own best interest in being able to regain his powers.

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To complicate matters more Hina Izumi, the sister of the possessed police officer, befriends and helps Eiji. For now Ankh is keeping her brother alive, so she is striving to someday get her brother back.

The series has just been very enjoyable, with concepts which at first seem very strange, but over time have developed into wonderful ideas. The collecting theme, of trying to find all the various Core Metals (which comprise the Greed, and which Eiji uses to becomes OOO) - it's all been a very engaging plot device. The mysterious but also perplexingly weird Kougami Foundation have been working to help Eiji and Ankh, but ultimately for their own reasons - developing weapons and powers from study of the Greeed and the Core Metals.

The introduction of Kougami's own Kamen Rider, dubbed "Kamen Rider Birth", has been another good element added to the series. Kamen Rider Birth is controlled by Date Akira, an entertainingly humorous man who signed on for the job to simply earn money.

The series so far has simply been very good. It mixes humor and personal stories along with insane action. You can find some images of the series here (when it was beginning) - and I have some new images I wanted to share here as well. Enjoy.

OOO's Bird Themed Powers, Derivied from Ankh's Core Metals

OOO's Incect Themed Powers

OOO's Aquatic Themed Powers
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Date Akira/Kamen Rider Birth

Kazari, one of the Greeed

One of the more freakier monsters to appear in the series, this guy was created by Kazari as an experiment - creating a Lion/Jelly Fish monster!

The Kougami Foundation supplies Eiji with weapons, but also cute little support items, like this train-like snail who acts as a communicator.

Satonaka Erika, the personal assistant of Mr. Kougami.

Maki Kiyoto, the eccentric scientist who created the Kamen Rider Birth System. He is always seen with a miniature doll on his shoulder, which he simply can't function without. (Again, he's eccentric.)

One of the truly funny moments in the series - Eiji is dangerously love-struck in one episode.

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