Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wizard: Now They Stole my Money

I was sad about the end of Wizard Magazine. I even had some very nice things to say about them (Wizard Magazine Ends). When I found out my re-subscription had gone through, I was even forgiving on that matter - figuring it was just a comedy of errors. It was only $24. I figured I'd try and ask for a refund, and if I failed I'd to give up. Now, though, it's the principle of the matter - because I had neglected to look at my bank account more closely. It wasn't a check that had been cashed - it had been my credit card! I had initially signed up on-line, so that's how they had the information. Again, I could have chalked it up to bad luck. My subscription was ending soon - it could have just been bad timing. Except for the fact my credit card was accessed on the 28th. Wizard announced their magazine's cancelation on the 24th. Now I REALLY want a refund. This is basically theft. I had never even authorized Wizard to use my credit card a second time. But for them do charge me, 4 days after they knew there was no longer a magazine; I'm mad now. I'm trying to contact Wizard Magazine, but so far no luck.

UPDATE: I suddenly realized there is a silver lining to this mess. Since it's my credit card they charged - I'm able to dispute the charges and get my money back. I couldn't have done that with a check. It will take 3 months for there to be an investigation before everything is finalized, but in the meantime I'll get my $24 back. Hopefully nothing will put a chink in these plans. I've already asked for a refund from Wizard, and if they do I'll have to call the bank and tell them about it (they said that's very common in dispute cases). But if Wizard doesn't issue a refund, at least I'll be covered. It was probably their automated system that did this, charging my credit card and all - but it still bugs me, 1.) They didn't shut down that system after the 24th Announcement, and 2.) They re-subscribe you automatically if you use a credit card.

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