Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ward Talent Show

My Church Ward is having a talent show, and this year I'm showing off my blogging skills. I'd like to welcome anyone who is visiting the site because of it - and I'd like to give a little explanation of what I do with this blog.

I began blogging with my Super Sentai Images Blog, but eventually I wanted to talk about other stuff besides Super Sentai. So I began this secondary blog for everything else I'm interested in. I occasionally try my hand at reviewing comics. I point out Japanese movies I've seen. I talk about video games, comics, and have a few rants here and there. (Please forgive me, though - when I wrote those rants I usually was very angry about something. Usually I managed to write something coherent, so I decided to keep them up instead of deleting them.)

I feel like sometimes I wane between writing something good on this blog and then later writing something very poorly. This blog is really an example of anything that's on my mind at the time - and it might reflect that in the quality. I also resist going back to change a post, even when my position on it has since changed - so things where written very much for that moment. In that sense some posts have the feel a journal. So please forgive that.

I think I had some good success with my Super Sentai Blog, gaining lots of hits each day, and amassing over 90 followers. With this one, I quickly found out what it was like to run a much less successful blog. It's improved a lot since I started, but it's a simple fact that there is a glut of Anime and Comic blogs - so it's not surprising mine might get lost among all the others. I do have about 30 followers her. I have 58448 hits in total, from 4/11/09 to now. If my counter is to be believed, I get an average of 60 unique visitors each day.

You can find all the subjects I cover listed on the right of the screen, where you can see all of the posts about Comics, or Anime, ect. There's also the "Master List" where I list all the posts I have made so far.

I also want to note another Tokusatsu (Japanese Special Effects) series I watch, called Kamen Rider. (Translated as Masked Rider) It aired alongside Super Sentai for many years. The series always seemed like it appealed to an audience, as each Kamen Rider series has been more of a Soap Opera, with the character's personal lives being the center piece of the show. The current series, Kamen Rider OOO, is a tremendously fun series. (Of note, some people might remember an attempt at bringing Masked Rider to America alongside the Power Rangers. It was nothing short of a travesty, outraging the creator and fans when they tried to turn it into an inane sitcom; it's nothing like that.) TV-Nihon translates the series, and you can find Direct Download links here. A series like Kamen Rider Kiva, or Kamen Rider Kabuto are good places to begin. Just to let you know, the series isn't legally licensed over in America. Yet in an odd stroke of luck, there is a rare legally available Kamen Rider movie that can be found on Netflix. It's called "Kamen Rider: The First", and is a retelling of the original Kamen Rider series. It's much more mature than the regular series, and features some great action. They specifically tried to keep the movie grounded by not using digital effects like they typically use in the TV series.

Here are some of my better Posts which I wanted to highlight.



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