Friday, June 10, 2011

Playstation Network Still Disappointing

I'm actually not speaking in reference to my disappointment with the recent "Welcome Back" Package, to make up for the disaster-level hack and downtime customers experienced. What I'm disappointed with is this - the HD Re-release of "Beyond Good & Evil" was suppose to come out on June 8th, but still remains unavailable.

I watch X-Play regularly, and every so often you can tell when Morgan Webb or Adam Sessler are more than just saying a game is good, they are specifically advocating people check it out because they genuinely love a particular game, and what it to succeed. Adam Sessler seems quite enamored with the Sly Cooper franchise, and Ratchet and Clank get tons of praise. I don't always take their advice - but every so often they do convince me to but a particular game. Okami is a great example - that game was simply a shining light of quality that exceeded all of my expectations. The latest game Morgan Webb is particularly pushing is Beyond Good & Evil. It became a vastly under-rated title that did horribly in sales, yet had such a vocal fan following that a sequel is now in the works, and what Morgan is now touting - the HD Re-release of Beyond Good and Evil for download on the Xbox360 and the PS3. The game isn't initially the type I'd buy, but it's simply been getting such high praise - for $10 I thought I'd take a chance and buy it.

The PSN, of course, was hacked during the release schedule for the game. So it's May release didn't happen. June 8th was announced as their new release date. I though, great - that's literally the next day for me!

It's now June 10th, and Beyond Good and Evil still isn't available on the Playstation Network. Serious - WHAT THE HECK?! I finally decide to buy this passionately advocated game - and it isn't even available for purchase? It's already out on the Xbox360, so why not the PSN? If there are more details that have to be worked out, that delay the game from the June 8th release - that's fine. But why leave us in the dark like this? There's no announcement, explaining the further delay.

It's this, right here, that really deeply annoys me. The lack of respect Sony is giving fans. First they endanger all of our credit card information, then release a lack-luster "Welcome Back" package, and now they won't even keep us informed on the release schedule of already delayed games? I'm literally waving money at them, willing to keep doing business with them and buy their products -- and they simply aren't paying enough attention to actually keep their already frustrated customers up to date.

I've really had it up to here with Sony not getting their act together. I really did have a lot of good will towards the PSN, and was more than willing to forgive them. I wasn't trilled with the welcome back package, which really began to erode my support for them. Though, my displeasure about it really is on my end - many other people are happy with it; I'm upset about it, but it will pass. Now this? It's not so much an actual detriment to me (I probably should save my money on the game anyway) - but it's just sooo annoying and, intended or not, disrespectful to leave already frustrated customers hanging on an issue like this. A simple post on the Playstation Blog, explaining the delay, could have solved everything.

Anyway, I hope the game does eventually release on the PSN. Weather I'll still want to buy it by then is another question. Again, it's not really a big deal at all - but it just feels like we're not getting any respect from Sony on this entire debacle. Considering their continued risk of being hacked again, I'm truly considering just canceling my credit card and not buying anything from them again. I'm just tired of this.

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