Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 - September 19th Release Date!

There are so many bad surprises you have to prepare for in life, that it becomes strange to be blind-sided by a good surprise. Not only did I not know about the a sequel to Dragon Quest Monsters -- but I also didn't know that it was due to come over to America on August 28th! (That was the original date. It's been changed to September 19th.) It's coming out next month - and I found out about it just when calculating how much my expenses next month are going to be like. (A DS game fits into my budget quite nicely.) So this is quite a happy surprise to find out about! (It pays to check Video Game Releases)

The Dragon Question Monsters Joker series is really great. It's simple and fun, and easily accessible to new players. It takes the concept of Pokemon, but using the monsters of the Dragon Quest series. If you don't like Pokemon, though, you're in luck - this series is a much better experience - traditional RPG gameplay being at the core. You're character commands 3 different monsters. You don't control the monsters entirely, using a selection of different tactics for the monsters to use in battle -- but it's all very intuitive and easy to use. Plus you can make calls during battles, selecting from the menu exactly what you want the monster to do.

Apparently in Japan there are two version of this game already released -- the enhanced version being called "Joker 2 - Professional", which adds 100 new monsters and new areas into the game, but with the same story. Sadly it seems we're not getting a version like Professional, which is really a shame given that version already released in March of this year, and would have been a nice addition for American fans already a year behind. I suppose Square-Enix could release the Professional Version for us at a later date - but minimal-updates of titles that aren't big smash hits are pretty rare to see in America. (The new addition of Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a good example of that. Same game re-released, but with extra content.)

While it's disappointing we might not get the Professional Version, this is still extremely good news that the game is coming over to America, period. (And remember, I could be wrong - they can always release Professional Version later.)

Here's a trailer that I obviously missed during the coverage of E3:

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