Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO - Ending

I've previous expressed how much I've enjoyed the series Kamen Rider OOO, and did a post reminiscing about the later part of the series. (Click here.) Episode 48, the final episode, finally aired - and I wanted to celebrate the close to such a tremendous series by sharing the images from the final two episodes. This post contains spoilers.

Using the Purple Core Medals, Eiji finally transforms into a Greeed.

After finally fighting against his former comrade Eiji, Ankh has to figure out what he actually wants. Unlike Eiji, who being submersed into becoming a Greeed, Ankh wants to achieve what Greeed do not have - the senses and feelings humans possess. Because of his indecisive loyalties, Dr. Maki betrayed Ankh, cracking the Core Medal that contains his consciousness. He does not have long to live before the Cell Medal shatters.

Date Akira returns alive and well, and uses a prototype of Kamen Rider Birth alongside his former protege Goto.

Uva, probably the most cautious of all the Greeed, is the one who has survived so far. Dr. Maki manages to make use of him, though.

To help restore Eiji from his fall into being a Greeed, Kousei Kougami reveals a treasure trove of Cell Medals.

It's revealed that Kougami's interest in the ancient artifacts from 800 years ago is not based in mere curiosity -- but that he is a decedent of the original King who created OOO and the Greeed.

With renewed powers from the cash of Cell Medals, Eiji goes to battle against Uva and Dr. Maki. This does not last, though, as the Taka, Tora, and Batta Cell Medals are destroyed and shatter.

Ankh, though, decides to rejoin forces with Eiji.

There is a reprieve that night, before Dr. Maki's final plans begin.

Uva becomes the Medal Container Dr. Maki needed, to begin his end of the world scenario.

When Eiji is left with no options in being able to defeat Maki, Ankh stops Eiji from resorting to becoming a Greeed again - and instead offers his cracked Core Medal to Eiji - a final act before the medal shatters and Ankh dies. Together using the Tajadol Combo, Eiji and Ankh go to defeat the quickly all consuming and destructive Dr. Maki.

Eiji and Ankh are successful, but it comes at the price of Ankh's Core Medal Shattering.

The series ends on an optimistic note, though. Eiji returns to traveling the world, but with the pieces of Ankh's Core Medal in tow, and the ghostly arm of Ankh traveling with him.

.....One Kamen Rider series ends - but another begins!

Kamen Rider Fourze beings next week. The highschool setting for the series is a change of pace - but it looks like it's going to be very interesting and entertaining. The theme of the show, though, is of Space - as the Rocket-Themed Fourze blasts off with what I'm sure it going to be another great series!

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