Friday, December 23, 2011

Best of Comics 2011

The Comic Book Revolution Website put out their list of what they thought was best in the world of comics this year. I was adding my two cents in the comments section when I thought, hey - if I'm putting thought into this, why not put my picks on my own site as well. So, here it is. (I'll be back with my pick for best Video Game of the Year)

Here's what I thought was best this year in comics. It's certainly been a year of upheaval, changes and disappointments - but over all I think it's been quite a good years for comics (if you're reading the right books, that is)

Best Event/Mini-Series: The New 52

I know it's not a cohesive story - but it certainly counts as an event. And while it had it's up and downs - I was very impressed by the creative content (both writers and artists), who really stepped up on certain titles. Plus it's just cool to see new people, or older fans, actually buying comics again!

Best Creative Team: Rick Remender and Tony Moore

These two just seem to compliment each other so well. Even if it was for a few pages in, for example, issue #5 of Venom, the pages Moore drew elevated the entire issue, even though a different artist came in to finish the rest.

Best Story Arc: The Dark Angel Saga

Uncanny X-Force has just been incredible, and the promised culmination of all the events in the series thus far did not disappoint one iota. The art was amazing, the writing was cleaver and top-notch - feeling like it was an event, instead of just a single story arc in the series.

Best New Series: Wolverine and the X-Men

What could have been an easy cash-in on yet another Wolverine title - this series surprised me with how original, wacky, and freeing it could be. Creativity abounds in every page, and utilizes X-Men history to make you feel right at home.

Best Ongoing Series: Uncanny X-Force

This year of Uncanny X-Force has just been amazing! Ever single issue feels jam-packed with cleaver, exciting, and dramatic storytelling. It's a spin-off from the X-Men -- but I think this series speaks more to the X-Men being at their best than any other title out right now.


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  2. Undoubtedly, these are some extraordinary comics and all are lovable. X-men is my favorite. Thanks for choose in the list.