Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Uchuu Kitaaaa! More Kamen Rider Fourze Images!

Kamen Rider Fourze so far has been a great series. The change in tone, setting events in a highschool, is still different - but it's a theme well utilized. The theme of space has also been very interesting. The comedic tone of the series is quite outlandish, even with bombastic fights using weird combinations of powers - but somehow the show manages to make it all work.

Anyway, here are some more images I've collected from Kamen Rider Fourze. You can find my initial Kamen Rider Fourze post here.

Fourze has added some new powers to his cache of abilities. These ultra-powerful Switches transform the suit into new states.

Elec States

Fire States

Foruze's latest power, Magnet States.

The the series has grouped together a variety of different types of students -- all brought over as members of the Kamen Rider Club through Kisaragi Gentaro friendship and perseverance.
This image is labeled as coming from

Wether it's the teachers, students given dark powers, of the core members of the Zodiarts - the obstacles and opposition against the Kamen Rider Club is growing.

One episode had an interesting dilemma, where the group wasn't able to use the portal to the Rabbit Hutch - with Kengo trapped up on the Moon. And, these screen shots don't show it - but NO, using a Rocket Powered bike to fly to the moon does not work. (It's insane and funny to even see it attempted!) Everything works out in the end, though.

This has Gentaro using the weird paint-brush Switch to write on the moon. It says Merry Christmas, and that's "suppose to be" a reindeer.

Yuki's humorous obsession with space has only seemed to get worse.

An upcoming Kamen Rider movie apparently features a female Kamen Rider Fourze.

The newest edition to the cast is Sakuta Ryuusei, who is secretly Kamen Rider Meteor. I really love this design, utilizing the space-theme of the series, but without copying Fourze's style. His transformation music is interesting, though - as it sounds more like Kamen Rider Disco (spinning star-ball on his belt reinforces this)

Ryuusei, though, is among the Kamen Rider Club with a mission - to infiltrate the anti-Zordiarts group. The second Kamen Rider in a series is always a rival of sorts to the main character - so this obviously will put Fourze and Meteor on a collision course against each other, before becoming friends and allies.

Here are hilarious drawings, seen in an episode, of the Kamen Rider Club members in chibi form!

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