Monday, March 12, 2012

Images and Testing

Image storage has become an issue for my blog -- but there seem to be some options I can utilize to keep the site going. I was trying to use Imageshack for a while, because it allowed me to keep the original size of images. Yet they turn out to have 500 image limit, which was almost burned through with my look back on Amazing Spider-Man posts.

Photobucket seemingly has unlimited free storage - but reduces images sizes.

I also discovered that Picasa Albums apparently don't count images 800x800 and smaller towards data storage limit. That means I can once again utilize blogger for smaller images. I might try out a mix between Photobucket and Picasa. (I really wish I knew about this exemption earlier... before I had 98% space filled up...)

My question - to anyone who reads this site -- are image sizes important to you? I've always liked having access to the best quality and size of images on the web; thats why I try to infuse a lot of image content in my posts.

If anyone can give me their opinion on the subject, please leave a message in the comments section. I really enjoy doing this blog, but I need to have a dependable way to do it. Paying more money for storage space isn't going to help either -- I'd like to ask if anyone has suggestions of good free services?

Anyway - another reason for this post is to try out using Photobucket (while trying to utilize the same or similar thumbnail ratio I've become accustomed to on blogger.

This image is a good example of the maximum size I can expect Photobucket to allow me. I'm using a more labor intensive process of selecting and creating a separate thumbnail - and using direct links to the image in question. This is more labor intensive -- but unlike on my Super Sentai blog, putting up images on these posts don't account for as numerous a number of images I'd have to deal with. (On my Super Sentai blog, using Photobucket, I make use of their internal thumbnail functions; the thumbnails are smaller, 160x90 - but it seems a be an adequate trade off, given the number of Super Sentai images I regularly upload.)

Any help or opinion would be greatly appreciated. I really enjoy doing this blog - especially my posts about comics and such; as it allows me to be creative and engaged in choosing what to comment on, images to show, ect. Certain posts can become rather large projects for me -- like the Seven Soliders posts, or the recent Amazing Spider-Man posts. It's simply helped me to be creative - while also publishing something others might enjoy as well. So I'd like to keep it up.

I hope this all turns out ok.

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