Sunday, March 25, 2012

Marvel $5 Voucher Deal; and Digital Comics in General

Marvel has a cool limited time offer. If you buy a digital comic, from an Avengers/X-Men list, you'll receive a $5 voucher towards any comic from your local comic book store. The deal is good from the 25th of March, to the last day of the month, March 31. You'll need to sign up an account with You can do this through their app, or on their main website. You'll apparently be sent a voucher in your email on April 1st. (It's good until 5/1/12)

This link shows info about the event.

I found this link very useful - as it gives directions on how to do this.

Bleedingcool put out this list, of all the eligible comics you can buy, to receive the $5 voucher. (The minimum price you have to spend is $2.)

I've never been big on digital comics -- but this seems like a good place to give it a try. Marvel is hoping you'll buy Avengers vs X-Men #0 this Wednesday, and use the $5 voucher to buy Avengers vs X-Men #1 in April. This isn't required, though.

It not a bank-breaking deal - but you would essentially be spending $2, and getting $5 worth of comics. That's a net value of $3!

I for one downloaded Avengers #1. I've been reading a lot of Jack Kirby comics lately (Kamandi Omnibus coming in the mail soon!), so this issue seemed perfect for me. The older style issues seem to work very well in the digital format - as most panels are the size of an iphone. (That's what I was using to read them.)

I also downloaded a bunch of other Comic Apps. Marvel, DC, Comixology, Vertigo, Dark Horse, Image, and Dynamite. Having heard about the big reveal in Wonder Woman #7, that the amazons discard male children in favor of female children -- I wanted to read the issue, but I couldn't find on sale anymore. So, this seemed like a perfect situation - I downloaded Wonder Woman #7 through Comixology. It was very good; I particularly liked Diana's initial reaction - to try and save her lost amazon brothers. (Being a darker comic, I wasn't sure wether she'd accept this kind of thing from her people.)

All in all, I liked the issues, both Avengers #1, and Wonder Woman #7. Although these issues are not always drawn with an iphone/ipad app in mind - they do a decent job to make it all work seamlessly. The "this is how to read this comic" is incredibly useful for first-timers; giving you the basics of interacting with the app.

Downloading all those other Comic Store Apps, though, proved to be a pretty good deal for me. Although I enjoyed the two issues I bought -- reading comics printed on paper is always going to be my first choice. Getting a ton of Free Digital Comics, though, is pretty sweet! All of the Apps have free issues available to download.

Marvel doesn't have as many free issues, but the ones they do have are pretty good. The Point.1 issues, being good jumping on-points, make perfect sense. I found (Red) Hulk #30.1, Iron Man #500.1, Thor #620.1, Uncanny X-Force #5.1, Secret Avengers #12.1, and Deadpool #33.1 They also have the 9/11 Amazing Spider-Man issue, #36.

Comixology had a few good issues, but you sort of have to look through all of the "Preview" books to do it. I ultimately didn't download free comics from there.

Vertigo has Animal Man #1 (I've never read this series, so this was really good for me.) There are a few other titles, but not many. Y the Last Man #1 is free.

Darkhorse has good bunch of free comics. Some B.P.R.D. mini-series #1, Hellboy #1, some Star Wars issues, Terminator, and Umbrella Academy #1. There a bunch of unknown issues that look good as well.

Dynamite has mostly previews, and small starter issues from their various series, like Kirby: Genesis #0, and Project Superpowers #0.

Image Comics has a ton of good free issues. Walking Dead #1 and #19 (featuring the sword wielding girl from the Walking Dead finale!) There are free #1s for all sorts of other series. Wanted, Rising Stars, Jersey Gods (I've always wanted to try this series), Darkness, Cyberforce, and other independent titles.

DC Comics, though, has the best offerings of free comics. 52 #1, Crisis on Infinite Earths #1, Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1, Infinite Crisis #1, Final Crisis #1, Robin #1, Impulse #1, Planetary #1, Young Justice #1, Green Lantern #1 (previous volume), GL: Corps #1 (previous volume), a bunch of Batman issues, like Shadow of the Bat #1, Legends of the Dark Knight #1, and several Batman Black and White stories. There are also issues based on the various animated series. There are some classic issues as well. Batman's first appearance in Detective Comics #27. All-Star Comics #8 is sort of misleading, as it doesn't feature the JSA (who are on the cover) but does have the first appearance of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman gets another shot with Sensational Comics #1 as well.

There are a few issues, though, that you'll want to make sure aren't just 10-age previews. The Orange Lantern Christmas Special particularly fooled me. (Though it's worth it, just for the cookie recipe!) But over all I'm quite impressed with DC's offerings. You might have to scroll through a bunch of Preview and Sneak Peek books - but you'll find a lot of free issues for the taking.

A note of warning, though. The obvious reason for these free issues is to try and hook us, and get us to buy more issues. Just bear that in mind, especially when getting issue #1 of a mini-series, which by it's nature is going to have a "To Be Continued..." Still - this whole set up impresses me. Not enough to go digital only (certainly not!) - but this makes my iphone much more handy if I'm ever stuck somewhere and bored out of my mind. At least then I'll have a few things to read.

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