Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Political Breath of Fresh Air

I'm not exactly a big fan of Morning Joe, with Joe Scarborough. The most I'm familiar with him is from when Jon Stewart, of the Daily Show, made fun of their blatant sponsorship for Starbucks. I was pleased, however, to run into this video - which was singled out on news websites because Joe told GOP Bloggers to shut up. Besides that "shut up" headline, though, I was pleased to finally see some sanity from Republican-Leaning pundits. Jeb Bush has come out against the current GOP Leadership - and I say it's about DAMN time! The saying that nothing ever gets done in Washington has been around for a long while -- but never did it actually mean that things didn't get done. It's because of the Republican Controlled house, who obstruct every piece of moderate legislation, distorting it things as the ultimate in liberal and socialist ideals. I was severely depressed and scared over the debt ceiling disaster, which resulted in America loosing it's Triple-A Credit Rating. This, sadly, is the result of the short-sighted "throw the bums out of office" mentality during the 2010 elections. I understand why it happened, and why Tea Party supported Republicans where swept into office -- but after the fact, I think we can all see the failure of these Freshmen Republicans and their extremist politics. It's not even about cutting money from the government, or having fiscal reform -- those are issues the Democratic side was been more than willing to bend over backwards to make a deal over. Yet that's not good enough for the GOP - it's a Scorched Earth Policy, reasoning that if they don't get everything they want, right now, then they won't agree to anything. Compromise has always been the bedrock of our Government, and it's what we vote our elected officials to do, in an effort to represent our interests. The joke that nothing ever gets done in Washington, simply isn't a joke anymore. It's long since stopped being funny, and I'm very gladdened to see such a prominent member of the GOP stand up and stand against the extremist ideology that has swallowed the Republican Party.

Joe Scarborough praised Jeb Bush, and said that this moderate-direction he's proposing for the Republican Party will be the wave of the future. I hope so. Right now, despite the majority of Americans being somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum, we've nonetheless suffered a debilitating series of economic failures - which has allowed Far, Far Right Wing ideology become mainstream. We are headed in the right direction, which I've seen with my own eyes - as my father was able to find work again, and because of improvement in his job skills and his own innovation, is making a very good living. Things could all change, though, if any number of the GOP Budget Proposals ever actually where implemented. One of the reasons my father is doing so much better is because he was able to file for bankruptcy, which has allowed our family to get back on our feet again. This country, however, is not a household family -- bankruptcy is not an option; yet time and again the GOP have proposed unrealistic, all or nothing ideas.

Since the civil discourse in this country has slid so far to the extreme right, I don't think things will really change until the election - and if the GOP looses. The reason the GOP took to this new Tea Party-centric philosophy is because of their reaction to loosing the election to Barack Obama. That swept them into power again two years later, and the GOP will be unwilling to change if they do not suffer another significant defeat in the election process.

I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka a Mormon), and come from Massachusetts. I actually wouldn't mind Mitt Romney being President - because I saw him as a moderate politician when he was a Governor. A few years ago I learned, from a hardandfast GOP-supporter who was visiting with my mother, that the Healthcare in Massachusetts, remarkably, gives nearly 99% coverage - and this was achieved partly through public sector involvement. (At least that's my understanding.) It's not perfect (nothing is) - but as someone who is disabled, and helped by the Mass Health Care system -- I developed a great respect for what Romney had accomplished here in MA. I doubt that same person, who advocated Romeny's healthcare to me, would have the same opinion these days - as the war on Obama Care became such a derisive issue.

Knowing all this, and being appreciative of Mitt Romney's work in Massachusetts - I still would will not vote for him in this next election. I actually wouldn't mind if he won - but only if he actually serves the office like he did in MA. I don't completely trust him, after the GOP Primaries - which forced Romney into lowest-common denominator opinions and subjects. Since winning the nomination (which was almost solely due to the self-implosion of the other candidates), I have seen some hope of Romney pulling back from the extremist-wing talking points of the GOP. For now, and in this election, I'm voting for Obama -- he's the only one I've seen trying to protect the public from the asinine politics of the GOP, and specifically defending programs I benefit and survive on. He hasn't been perfect -- and, really, no one ever could be, under the worst economic and political climate our country has ever seen. Things aren't over yet -- Europe's economy could collapse, effecting us. I pray things will turn out all right in the end. (It isn't helping my outlook, though, that this tumultuous year just happens to be leading up to the end of Mayan Calender.)

Anyway, here's the video of Morning Joe. I hope we'll see more calls for moderate politics like this.

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