Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alien Mutant Turtles

Supposedly a script for the shelved Michael Bay Ninja Turtles movie leaked onto the internet. More than earning their retainer - the studio lawyers immediately had a cease and desist letter get the script taken down.

Enough people, however, where able to see it. Latino Review posted their thoughts on the script, and even made a 12-minute video describing the plot. (Click here) This whole mess should be preserved for prosperity - to show future studios, executives, and film makers how NOT to kill a franchise.

Woww..... This is a horrible script! Even trying to imagine it in the best possible light, it still earns a spot next Batman & Robin - but without the "it's so bad, it's good". Its just sounds like it would have been bad - and the 80s child in so many of us would have died upon seeing such a travesty. I really hope Kevin Eastman was given a big enough check to actually say this movie was going to be good.

I never begrudged Michael Bay for the Transformer movies. I thought they where good popcorn fare - even if in the third film there was a plot hole large enough for a planet to go through. But this... this is really just awful. It's the epitome of horrible corporate decision making.

Also, that female Turtle mentioned at the end seems like a biggest middle finger to fans.

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