Friday, August 24, 2012

Jack Kirby TMNT

My name might be misspelled - but the blog Kirby Dynamics put up a piece of art I ran into, (at Tokka's Comixx Chop) featuring pencil and color versions of a Jack Kirby Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle piece.

Remember this piece of art, I showed a while back, of Jack Kirby's rendition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Some people voiced concerns about wether it was a fake - since Jack usually didn't draw other people's characters that often. The original Donatello Micro-Series #1, though, shows a connection between Eastman and Laird's creations. I read in TMNT Ultimate Collection Vol 2, that Eastman and Laird got in contact with Jack, asking for permission to use him in a story.

While I have to admit there is always the chance the first TMNT drawing could be a fake (fake Kirby drawings have even ended up in published books) - but since there's a connection, and the Eastman and Laird where very vocal in their issues, supporting Jack in his fight with Marvel - I'm inclined to believe it's real.

The actuality of this piece, though, is much less in question - as it supposedly was published in Turtle Soup #4 - done as a favor to Mike Thibodeaux. The style is much closer to the was the Turtles are suppose to look - differing greatly from the first image. Though Jack always put his own flavor on any aloready established property he worked on - and the TMNT where probably much newer than when I think the Turtle Soup piece was drawn. Basically - there could have been an effort to match the Turtles to how they usually look. Given the round shape of Michelangelo, I at first didn't even recognise it as Kirby's work -- but then you can notice his style of shading on the body - and the Kirby-esq yeti in the foreground.

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