Thursday, October 18, 2012

Okami HD

Okami HD is going to be released at the end of this month, Oct 30th, on the Playstation Network. It's a downloadable HD version of the game, which should give new and old fans a chance to play this incredible game.

Okami has been one of Capcom's most enduring modern-day classics - creating a fan following, despite smaller sales in the shadow of Nintendo's Twilight Princess (two games where you play a wolf, and coming out near the end of the PS2's run, didn't help matters.) Despite that, the game received a welcome re-release on the Wii, taking advantage of motion controls, which perfectly complimented the celestial brush gameplay. Okami even recieved a sequel, of sorts, on the Nintendo DS with Okamiden, which featured Amaterasu's son Chibiterasu. While the world was condenced a bit, to fit on the DS - it still managed to give a riviting storyline, with a lot of indicators for a proper Okami sequel.

Capcom has supported Okami, but they really need good sales indicators to make a project happen. Okamiden sold well, and I think the Okami HD release will be used as a testing ground, to see if they really want to push through with a sequel. (Capcom, frankly, would just be plain stupid to pass a sequel up - especially with the motion controls available on systems today - and the Wii U, which seems tailor made for drawning-based gameplay.) So I'd urge anyone who's interested, or longtime fans who want to support the franchise - consider buying and downloading Okami HD, for the PS3.

Okami HD also supports Playstation Move - so brush strokes can be used similar to the Wii. I don't have Playstation Move, but if there ever was a game I'd want to get it for, this is that game.

This video here has more stellar music, and showcases Amaterasu's partner and guide, Issun. You see a bit of the emotional high-lights from the game's ending.

This really is a wonderful series, and well worth $20.

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