Monday, November 26, 2012

Mega Man Music

Even when I was very young, I thought Mega Man (and Capcom games in general) had the best music. I loved it when a really inspiring tune made its way onto the NES, even with its limited sound capabilities. The connection of Mega Man and Music isn't imagined, though -- you need only look to his actual name, in Japan, "Rockman". His sister is named Roll; thus "Rock and Roll". The series has always boasted an impressive soundtrack, some tunes that I'll always remember fondly.

I'm apparently not alone in my appreciation for Mega Man music. Remixing NES tunes have produced some popular memes (I think they where memes, right?) - and for the 25th Anniversary of the series, music group Sound Holic is releasing a CD of wonderfully remixed tunes. "Rockman Holic" can be found here, releasing December 19th.

Some samples of the group's songs are offered to promote the CD. Airman Ga Taosenai, or "Can't Beat Air Man", I think is one of those memes - proliferating on youtube. They even have a funny and cleaver animation to go along with it. (Animated sprites already look like they could be dancing)

One of the best songs of the whole series, Dr. Wily's Level in Mega Man 2, is re-interpreted as a catchy optimistic song "Together as One". This one is in English.

From the Mega Man X series, a more heavy emphasis on real rock-and-roll is shown, along with amazing Anime action!

Those are the preview songs available on youtube. This looks like its going to be a good CD Collection to pickup.

Before I end, though - there is one song I wanted to share. "Okkusenman" is loud and screechy - but its a tune I really like (again using Dr. Wily's Level has a basis). As the animation in the video likewise demonstrates, along with the translated subtitles, the song is about looking back on old times as a young kid, versus life as an adult. This is from Japan, so the focus on childhood hero Ultraman (with many references to him) are prevalent in the video. It just seemed very touching - especially for me, as I likewise get older and look back at things from my childhood.

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