Friday, June 14, 2013

E3 2013

Since the demise of X-Play, and the entire G4 Channel, where to get my gaming news has been a difficult subject. That is until I found out where Adam Sessler has moved to: Rev3Games. You can find all their coverage of E3 - and the same kind intelligent and entertaining style of X-Play is brought to this new channel. Seriously - subscribe to it; they have a lot of good coverage, and listening to Adam Sessler talk about games, quite frankly, just makes you feel smart.

So thankfully I got my E3 Coverage Fix through Rev3. Here are the impressions I got from it.

Microsoft: X-Box One

One, the X-Box One is not garnering praise. Their insistence of forcing the Motion-detecting Kinect peripheral is a real red flag - all on top of having limited (or fee based) used games, and the unclear topic of wether you need an active internet connection at all times. I never got an X-Box 360 -- favoring the PS3 instead, and nothing in Microsoft's presentation convinced me to change that stance.

Lewis Black, on the Daily Show, pretty much summed up all the negative feelings I have about the X-Box One Kinect, in this segment.

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Sony: Playstation 4

Sony, on the other hand, came out refuting the X-Box model, saying that used games will not be monetized, the system will be region free (good for fans of foreign gaming), and a constant internet connection is not required. It did sound like the days of free Multiplayer will be gone, as a subscription service will be required -- but, since I don't care for Multiplayer, I'm not worried about it. BEST OF ALL: Sony is coming in at a $400 price point, a $100 less than the X-Box One.

Good games that look like they are coming to the Playstation 4 are the likes of Kingdom Hearts 3, Infamous 3, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy X HD, and much much more. The Playstation 3 immensely impressed me during it's tenure, and it looks like the PS4 will not let me down in regards to the future of gaming.

Nintendo: Wii U

As for everyone's favorite video game giant, Nintendo? They decided not to have an E3 Press Conference, instead having a Nintendo Direct Video announcement. I don't know wether that was the right more or not - but they came loaded for bear when it came to games.

They are bringing out all sorts of core Nintendo franchises - like Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Brothers, Zelda Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8, (which looked really spectacular in HD!!!). The 3DS is also hosting some great titles, like New Yoshi's Island, and Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Frankly, it just looks like Nintendo is making up for lost ground, bringing out their standard-bearer franchises, to make everyone happy. As an early Wii U adopter, it's quite appreciated. I actually think the Wii U has a bright future, all things considered. They certainly opened up to a disastrous start, with too few games available to players -- but, like with the Nintendo 3DS, they are poised to make the system a great contender for being people's 2ed console system. All they needed where a bunch of Mario and Zelda games.

The two games I wanted to point out, though - are exclusive to the Wii U - and make me excited, and forgiving of the far-too-early opening launch:

Wonderful 101

Wonderful 101, from the creators of Okami, simply made me scratch my head - wondering what the heck I was even looking at. This new trailer, though, helps narrow down the concept - of a group, controlled, Super Hero Squad, with both Japanese and American Super Hero elements.


The other game I wanted to highlight is simply titled "X" (for now, at least) - coming from Monolith Software - and this is the game I think people should consider buying a Wii U for.
The graphics of this game, in HD, just looking stunning and awe-inspiring, Monolith created Xenoblade - a much favored Wii title, which showed how much beauty that system could create. This game, frankly, reminds of Avatar. Watch; I'll bet you this becomes the standout game of the Wii U.

So E3 seemed to go over well. I'm hoping this generation of console system will last longer than the previous -- as the graphical power is reaching a limit, that doesn't need to be updated every 5 years. And if anything - it looks like Sony is the one who is going to come out on top; offering that powerful Next Gen Console - but for an affordable price.

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