Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Street Fighter X Mega Man

I am not a PC gamer. I'm tried it out, on a few occasions, for a test-play of Final Fantasy XI - but otherwise, consoles have always been where I get my gaming fix.

A curious thing happened, though, when Capcom last year announced the release (A FREE Release!) of Street Fighter X Mega Man -- a fan produced game, approved by Capcom, and given out free for download on the PC.

Not being a PC gamer, I didn't have a controller to play the game on. So I missed out, having the game pass me by. I figured Capcom would eventually release a console version of the title -- maybe charge money for it, but I was OK with that; just as long as it was on a console. That obviously never happened. So curiosity set in, and I downloaded the game. What a wonderful game it is, too! It brought back all the memories of a brand new Mega Man game -- mechanics and obstacles that where new and fresh, with the same excellent gameplay the series is known for. How did I play it? Well, just being curious, I attempted to cobble together a controller-like set up with my keyboard. It did not work... -- though I was proud to have reached Ryu, using this clunky control scheme.

Still, if I wanted to play this game right - a regular controller is a must. Yet I'm not ready to spend a bunch on a PC Controller, just to play one game. Thats when, miracles of miracles -- The Salvation Army had a Logitech wireless controller, for only $8. Its a risk, though, buying used -- it came in its original packaging, but it was clearly stuffed back in it, for resale. My fears where heightened when I found no software disk to go with it. Did I just waste $8? Turns out - Logitech offers the needed software for their products, ready to download. It installed, and to my surprise - not only did the controller work - but it was connecting and operating with the game exactly as it was suppose to!!! Suddenly, no more clunky gaming - just a pure Mega Man/Street Fighter throw down!

I'm just excited that this worked, and what I got at Salvation Army worked as well! The game isn't new - but being on the PC, I would think there are still some fans who might not know about it. Or - might not have the set up (like me) to properly play it.

The game, really, is a fan-dream made reality - with detail and professional polish. It's simply excellent - and brings back those challenging early Mega Man days as a kid. (Yeah, the game is hard. But fun!) The choices of characters, to stand in as the 8 Bosses, where quite well selected - the weapons in the game are fun and inventive. The music is also top-notch, mixing classic themes with Street Fighter music. For a fan produced game - this is really astounding! And, for all their money-grubbing schemes, with DLC, and Super Ultra re-releases, Capcom really stepped up, by not only allowing and approving of this game - but then giving it out free to players.

If you have the chance - this is a great game to get and try out!

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