Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ultra Street Fighter IV

Capcom is going back the well again, bringing us the latest update for Street Fighter VI. For a glorified cash-grab, I'm actually not upset about this. They have two options -- either buying the DLC pack for $15, or a new psychical edition for $40.

The $40 one is what I'm planning on getting - as it will include ALLL of the DLC Costume Packs released so far - plus, it will include the 4 characters from Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, which I skipped over. (I couldn't convince myself to buy it, seeing as you where essentially just getting Yun and Yang, along with different versions of Ryu and Akuma. Basically, it felt like I would only be getting 2 characters. I'm pretty sure the content from the Arcade Edition will not be included in the DLC version of Ultra Street Fighter IV. (making the $40 Physical Copy more economical.)

....but, I was wrong...

UPDATE: Its been announced that, if you just have Super Street Fighter IV, buying the Ultra DLC WILL include the content from Arcade Edition. Good news, huh?

The characters and stages being brought over to this game come from Street Fighter X Tekken - which, by coincidence, I recently bought! SF X Tekken was a failure, mainly because they released it - with many characters locked, until you shell out another $20 to access them. It was a fun game -- but that kind of scam for consumers is pretty unforgivable. The only reason I bought into it was because the psychical copy was reduced to $20 -- making the total price $40. (A far shade better than people who bought it, at release, for $60, + $20) The game, though, still has issues -- Cole (from the Infamous series) is included in the game, but is not playable in Arcade Mode. Same for the 2 Playstation Cats. They may have well just not included them!

The addition of new characters is cool, but I'm really hopeful the 5th, unnamed character, will be really worth it. Will it be a brand new character, never before seen? Or is it a character coming over from another franchise? Asura and Bad Box-Art Mega Man have already been discounted.

I like the fact that Hugo, and Elena are being included - as I adored the cast of Street Fighter III.

Poison is an interesting addition, going from background attendant to Hugo, to playable character.

Rolento, though, is a character I have mixed feelings about. I liked him in Street Fighter Alpha - but, that was before 9/11. I know villains are a big part of Street Fighter -- but, being an armed militant, this character just isn't palatable for me any longer.

Also, the new stages that are being brought over from SF X Tekken are probably going to have to be adapted - as Tekken characters, I suspect, will no longer be running around in the background. I doubt the stages will move, as the battle continues, like before either.

Its still a long wait, before this all hits stores, though. The game is scheduled for release in early 2014. Thats a half a year away. At least I have SF X Tekken to keep me busy until then. Also - to get the most for your money,  you might want to Pre-Order it - as you get DLC costumes for Hugo, Elena, Poison, and Rolento.

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