Thursday, July 18, 2013

UPDATE: Ultra Street Fighter IV Update, Mega Man V too! posted an article, giving some good news: if you only own Super Street Fighter IV, when buying the $15 Ultra DLC, it will indeed include content from the Arcade Edition!!!

This makes me consider changing my plans - because, when I decided to opt for the hardcopy edition of Ultra Street Fighter IV (for $40), I was going under the assumption I'd have to pay $30, to get both the Arcade and Ultra content (each costing $15. Combined, equal $30). With this change in news, it would be better to just get the DLC for Ultra.

The hardcopy, though, has all the previously released costumes. You won't get that through the DLC purchase of Ultra Street Fighter IV.

(yes, Shuma Gorath still judges you, Capcom!)

I'm pleasantly surprised with Capcom - as this is a move that in uncharacteristically generous. Usually they squeeze you for every penny you have! This is the same company who released Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, including all sorts of new characters -- but still insisted people pay extra for Jill and Shuma Gorath. And they where even worse when it came to Street Fighter X Tekken. So, really -- kudos on Capcom! Maybe they really did learn a lesson, from the SF X Tekken disaster. (Nearly destroying this revived fighting generation, I guess, makes them financially motivated to actually treat customers fairly.)

Despite this... I'm still planning on getting the hardcopy disk. Not that the costumes are that important - but my PS3 is very full of data, and I would fear it couldn't take anymore. Plus, I always feel better having an actual hardcopy of what I buy.

Oh yeah, in other news... Dream Come True: Capcom is releasing Mega Man V, the fifth Gameboy adventure, onto the Virtual Console. No date for it yet -- but this is exactly the kind of news I was hoping to hear about. You see, I loved the Mega Man Gameboy games. They where essentially a cheaper alternative to their console brethren; the NES games usually played via Blockbuster. So I have a lot of affection for those black & white Mega Man adventures! The released Mega Man Anniversary Edition, on the PS2, was likewise a dream come true - giving you all the NES Mega Man games in existence. I was likewise excited about the Gameboy Anniversary Edition -- which was advertised, but never released. Capcom withdrew plans -- which really, really sucked  because, in preparation, I sold my Mega Man Gameboy games, 1 through 3. Only 4 survived. So I consider the release of the Gameboy games very important, for Capcom finally making good.

As for Mega Man V -- I simply never had a chance to buy it. It was releasing near the end of the Gameboy Color's lifespan, and it simply went by me without notice. It has since then become a cult fan favorite - as it pits Mega Man against Solar-System themed bosses, with a heavy emphasis on story. Missing out on it really hurt.

So I am very happy to hear about this revival of Mega Man V. Capcom still has a ways to go, to fully gain back fan trust -- but, these announcements make me feel like they are actually serious about making good on past failures.

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