Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dragon Quest Monsters; STILL Unreleased!

I don't know exactly why, but the Dragon Quest series has been going through a significant drought over here in the USA. It seems such a shame, considering how loved the recent title releases have been; giving us re-makes of Dragon Quest 4 through 6 (6 never having been released in America before), the release of Dragon Quest 9 (which I STILL see in stores, for full price), and the Dragon  Quest Monster Joker series selling two games over here.

Dragon Quest X, being their first MMORPG, not coming over here, isn't as surprising -- as that is an expensive endeavor and possible risk. Yet still, the DS Dragon Quest games always sold well enough - that the departure of the series (and Square-Enix's silence on the subject) leave many Incredible 3DS titles waiting for us overseas.

Well, I finally said "Screw it - I'm buying Dragon Quest Monsters anyway!"

You see - Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland, which released in Japan (and is releasing with another sequel), is actually a remake and update to the original Dragon Quest Monsters on the Gameboy Color.

It was originally lambasted as being a poor Pokemon Clone, which is far from the truth. As for myself - I actually owned a copy, but didn't understand it well enough when I was younger. It eventually ended up being traded in, which I always regretted. That was why I was so happy to hear about Terry's Wonderland -- until it became clear we might not get a state-side release date.

Anyway, I was in luck - because used copies of the game are in supply, and for cheap. I was able to order the original Gameboy Color copy of Dragon Quest Monsters, along with it's sequel of Cobi's Adventure. (Sorry Tara - you're version of DQM2 will have to wait).

The graphics are dated, the pace is slow -- but it was a nice set of games to pick up; bringing me back to the old school Dragon Quest world. You do, however, NEED to have a Gameboy Color system, or a Gameboy Advanced System (that can play original Gameboy games). Luckily I had the clam-shell GBA in supply.

This still doesn't make up for the absence of the 3DS remakes, considering they will be considerably different from their 8-bit forbearers, but perhaps there is hope on the horizon! Translations of these games can take a long time, and Nintendo still can release them in America. So maybe they will change their minds at some point.

Here, you can see what we're missing, with a trailer for Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland. It looks like such a stunning game, especially in contrast to the Gameboy Color version!

As for the Dragon Quest series as a whole - there is some good news. A trademark for a Dragon Quest name was recently made in english -- for perhaps the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest 7 will make its way over seas. Who knows, though? All I know, its the series I keep a constant eye out for - and buy on the spot, whenever a game is localized and released over here. Luckily for me, I was able to do a bit of time-traveling, and pick up these older Gameboy games!

Here are two video reviews that show and explain Dragon Quest Monsters on the Gameboy.

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