Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Early Video Game Reaction

Thank Dear Heavenly Father for video tape -- I ran into these wonderful old news clips, showing initial early reaction to NES. This was long (LONG) before the controversies of Grand Theft Auto -- but it just goes to show how insane public reaction can be to new things.

John Stossel reports on the issue, and its really cringe inducing to see them talk about the level of violence in those early video games!

This video shows parent's reactions to the new Super NES - which boasted a revolutionary new level of gameplay and ability; but, DON'T WORRY, there are over-protective parents aplenty back then to protect kids from, at the time, the infantile corporate machine of New Generation Hardware.

It really just brings to mind the kind of fear mongering TV news was and still is famous for -- only given the separation of a few decades, to make that fear now seem laughable.

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