Saturday, August 9, 2014

TMNT Toy Reviews; Shellraiser and Sewer Lair Playset

I mentioned here, on a post about the new Nickelodeon TMNT show, that I've become quite taken with the TV series. So much so, that I've taken to collecting some of the better action figures they have to offer. Well - I think my search down the toy isles has ended for the time being - because I got two of the end-all, be-all TMNT toys. Here, I thought I'd review them for you.


I picked up the Shellraiser, hoping it would work well as a display piece for my Turtle figures. I was a little disappointed by the lack of chairs on it (but, you know, the chairs are inside, with few windows, so it doesn't matter much). I was expecting to be let down in some way by this toy. I love the Shellraiser on the TV show; I think it's a great vehicle for the Turtles. Yet how did it translate as a toy?

Pretty darn well. I'm an adult collector, and even for me a smile comes across my face when using the spinning Turtle feature. It takes a little time to wind it up correctly - but when it pops out and spins the Turtle about, it's really fun! The front door opens, with a peg for a turtle to stand on - giving it an instant display option, with a character armed at the firing projectile cannon on top as well. There is no stand inside for the cannon wielder to stand on - but the Turtles arms balance nicely enough to keep them propped up with the cannon. Characters can also be placed alongside the railings on the sides of the roof as well.

With the stickers applied well, the toy looks really awesome! Kids will love this item, and collectors can use it for both display purposes -- but also for storage as well, as more than 5 or 6 figures can be stuffed inside when not in use.

Warning, though; the stickers take some skill to place correctly (especially the lights on the back, which you should use a pen, or something skinny, to help apply them correctly. Fingers will not fit, to put them in well.) Kids should have their parents help them; there are a lot of stickers.

For $35, its really a great toy!

Sewer Lair Playset

This item here, though, is the big one to talk about. Costing $100, and clocking in at a little over 40 inches tall. I actually feel a little embarrassed, by how massive in size this toy is. I primarily bought it because I thought it would be good for showcasing my TMNT action figures. It does that, indeed -- but it's sheer size is quite ridiculous. While I felt elated about how cool the Shellraiser is, the Sewer Playset feels more like an an albatross I can't get rid of. It was fun putting it together -- and it can be stored on a large enough shelf nicely -- but, MAN, this thing is still freaking HUGE! On my shelf it climes up towards the ceiling with ease.

This is still a cool toy set - but there were some definite problems potential buyers need to be aware of. First off - the instruction really stink. Mine at least didn't come with any kind of sticker guide; I was able to deduce (and use the internet) to figure out where most stickers needed to go; but this was entirely a trying endeavor to get right. Also - unlike with the Shellraiser, the stickers are much less forgiving, and can rip easily - and won't easily be stuck, or restuck, in the process of positioning them accurately.

Kids, I think, will have a ball with this toy set. But only if they are able to treat it nicely. Too much rough play can easily make it come apart. Not to say it's very loose -- buy moving it from the floor, to the shelf, requires some care. The action features are nice, with some great play value. Trap doors, ladders, elevator, Computer room, tire swing, ooze drain -- a lot of stuff is included with this playset.

I haven't done it yet myself - but I'm fairly certain you can detach and disassemble the entire structure - to be stored back in the box. (SAVE that box! Otherwise, this albatross will have to be put in the corner, fully assembled, to gather dust)

One good thing about the playset is that TMNT figures, new and old, can be used in it. Scale might be different between figure lines - but this playset it large enough you can get away with a larger TMNT figure putting up their feet in the Turtle's home.

Warning -- parents -- remember, you're going to have to help kids put this thing together! Collectors -- make darn sure you know where, and how, you are going to display or store this thing. It's HUGE. (If that hasn't already been made clear.)

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