Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dragon Quest Heroes - Coming to America

It has been announced that Square Enix is bringing over "Dragon Quest Heroes" to America!

We've been suffering through a tremendous drought of Dragon Quest games being brought over to America. With the exception of IOS Apps, we've been denied some GREAT Dragon Quest games over the years.

I'm soooo happy to see a title finally squeak through -- probably in part because this action oriented title will be easier to translate and bring over here. And, WOW, what a game to receive -- as its going to have the Next Gen power of the PS4 bringing to life all of Akira Toriyama's incredible art design to life! (Only Japan will get the PS3 version. I guess they want to focus on Next Generation over here.)

What does this game entail, you might ask? Well, it's molded in the Dynasty Warrior's vein -- where you control a powerful character, and fight against hordes and hordes of enemies. You get to feel very powerful and very special playing this way - dealing out devastating damage to enemies, and changing the course of historic battles. Tactics, and some RPG elements, will also be present here. For anyone who played and enjoyed Hyrule Warriors, its pretty similar to that style of gameplay.

This title also features original characters, and the inclusion of popular fan favorite characters from the Dragon Quest Universe. For people unfamiliar with the series -- don't worry -- this would be the perfect opportunity to get to know these characters, as the original story seems to be self contained (even if its cherry picking characters from other DQ stories and games).

Here are two trailers for the game.

This trailer is longer, but goes through the different characters, action, and other info about the game. (Its not translated; but you can understand most of what they are getting at)

Dragon Quest is one of my absolute favorite video game franchises - and seeing it dwindle into obscurity in America was very painful to see. I sure hope that changes with this game. Besides -- the PS4 desperately needed a fun and colorful game in its catalogue.

I urge anyone who wants to see more Dragon Quest games in America -- to please buy this title!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ninja Turtles Party Wagon Review

At $30 to $35, this is a pretty cool toy to buy. Its reminiscent of the old Party Wagon from the original cartoon show - but also has elements of a regular, but souped up, van.

The vehicle has lots of openings -- from the side door, to the rear doors, and the hatch on the top (which fires spring loaded missiles), and an opening on the front to seat your Turtles (or humans) in the drivers seats. (Characters with weapons longer on their backs, like Leo, Donnie, or Jones, do fit - but you have to position them a bit to make them and their weapons fit.) You can place your Turtles on the back of the red door, or try and stick your Turtle into the space on top (though you might want to slightly close the roof on top of the figure, to make it stay put; there are no foot holds.)

Stickers are nicely applied -- though Pixal Dan of youtube suggested you apply them BEFORE attaching elements, like the grill or bumpers. Venus De Milo- reference even makes it onto a kids toy - giving it a vintage WWII Bomber type ascetic. Unpainted elements of the vehicle, luckily, are made in pleasingly contrasting colors, giving it an over all sense of design. Only element on the vehicle that disappoints is the blast windows on the front; they do not lower; if you try to make them lower, it comes apart (but snaps back together).

Only shame, though, is that this vehicle doesn't totally match up with the cartoon show, which features a giant #2 painted on the roof, and a spring-loaded deer's head, shooting flames, from the roof. There's no functionality to it, but the bright red door has molded spray ports, for the Turtles to dispense and spray mentos-infused cola at the enemies (you have to imagine that function!)

Over all, though, its faithful to the show and the old cartoon line. Only wish it didn't have to take the destruction of the Shell Raiser for this new vehicle to be born.

Here's remembering you, Shellraiser!