Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kamen Rider Mach Translation Cheat Sheet

I got the Kamen Rider Mach Drive today! Its a Super Fun toy. The more shift cars you have, the better. I have a few.

Warning: the words in this device are pretty much all Japanese, though. I looked up and wrote down a cheat sheet for myself, which I'd like to share. (a few cars are missing, but I list most of them). I'm going off of what I found online; forgive me if anything is wrong.

Type Speed = Hayai/Fast
Type Wild = Tsuyoi/Strong
Type Technique = Umai/Clever
Type Fruits = Kudamono/Fruits
Dead Heat = Kyuuni/Dead Heat
Formula = Kousoku/High Speed

Max Flare = Moeri/To Burn
Rumble Dump = Arabull/To Roughen
Spin Mixer = Mazerl/To Mix
Mad Doctor = Naori/To Care
Deco Traveler = Travel
Dimensional Cab = Takuru/Slang for "To Ride a Taxi"
Dream Vegas = Atare/To Win
Fire Braver = Nobiru/To Extend
Funky Spike = Sasaru/To Pierce
Hooking Wrecker = Hippare/To Pull
Massive Monster = Kajiru/To Gnaw
Midnight Shadow = Shinobi/To Hide
Burning Solar = Pikaru/To Shine
Rolling Gravity = Tsubusu/To Crush
Colorful Commercial = Senden/To Advertise
Justice Hunter = Toraeru/To Arrest

Viral Bat = Yumiya/Bat
Viral Spider = Tsume/Spider

Signal Bikes
Magaru (Turn)
Kaksan (Split Apart)
Tomare (Stop)
Kiken (Danger)

Pressing the Button 4 times adds another word, usually one of these:
Zutto = Much
Kyuni = Suddenly
Totemo = Very
Imasugu = Right Now
Takusan = A Lot
Kanari = Fairly
Zettai = Absolute

and, finally, the phrase given when you shut the device without a signal bike or shift car, it will say "Otskare", or "Good Job"

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